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About us blatn air quality monitor detector meter co2 pm2.5 tvoc formaldehyde temperature humidity

BLATN Science & Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, is a professional air monitoring solutions provider, specializing in the field of air health product design, development, production and sales. 

BLATN has an excellent professional research & development and sales team which composed of experts, scholars and industry elite, to provide technical support to continuously optimize the production and improve the quality of products, but also to provide customers with more intimate and more accurate product customization services. 

After years of technical accumulation, successfully developed air monitoring probes, cloud server, mobile phone WeChat software, WEB air quality monitoring and management platform, large screen display system and other products.

Based on the integration of air monitoring, WiFi wireless technology, PLC / DDC industrial automation system, WeChat linkage system, information release system, web background management software, cloud service and big data analysis, a complete set of smart air monitoring solution is formed. The case has been involved in schools, hospitals, government agencies, offices and other workplaces, the successful implementation of the Alibaba Building, Baidu building, China Life Plaza, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Building, China's ministry of environmental protection building and other large air quality control projects.

Adhering to the concept of "To create unlimited possibilities for the health of tomorrow", BLATN is committed to exploring various possibilities for people who pursue a healthy quality of life, in a positive way, nip in the bud and constantly forge ahead.