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What is an indoor air quality monitor?

An indoor air quality detector is an instrument that can measure indoor air quality.


The indoor air quality detector uses a variety of principle sensors to measure a variety of pollutants, including carbon dioxide concentration, particulate matter concentration, volatile organic compounds TVOC, formaldehyde, and other pollutants.


The principle of sensors used to measure different pollutants is also different. Take the indoor air quality detector of BLATN as an example:


  • The carbon dioxide sensor uses the principle of non-spectral infrared


  • Particle sensor uses laser scattering principle (pm0.3 \ pm1.0 \ pm2.5 \

          pm5.0 \ pm10)


  • Volatile organic compound adopts semiconductor principle


  • Formaldehyde sensor uses the electrochemical principle


The quality of the indoor air quality detector depends on the performance of the sensors used and the rigor of the factory aging and calibration process. A high-quality sensor tends to be costly and requires at least 72 hours of power-on aging before leaving the factory, as well as multiple debugging and calibration steps.


Therefore, in order to accurately measure indoor air quality, it is necessary to choose a professional and rigorous indoor air quality tester manufacturer.

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