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BLATN BR-CON air quality monitoring project for school HVAC system

School HVAC system with BR-CON air quality monitoring

school Air quality monitor 

1. Overview
In recent years, due to the rapid development of the social economy, the environmental and air pollution problems have become more and more serious. The whole country has been repeatedly affected by smog. When it is serious, the whole city is smog. Strong concern about pollution. Nowadays, environmental pollution, haze weather is becoming more serious, and PM2.5 air quality is seriously exceeding the standard. Controlling the environment and air pollution and protecting the environment have become a major event that the people of the country pay close attention to and must participate in.

2. Project background
No. 8 Zhuyuan West Street, Haidian District, Beijing, Dongbeiwang Central Primary School covers an area of 37.5 acres (25,000 square meters). There are 30 classrooms on the first to fifth floors of the comprehensive building that need to be equipped with an intelligent fresh air control system. Each classroom can automatically adjust the size of the fresh air according to indoor pollutants. The controller can be connected to WIFI to realize the viewing and control functions of mobile phones and WEB terminals.


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