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BLATN BR-CON-M Integrated Face Plate

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BLATN BR-CON-M Integrated Face Plate

 Product overview

The integrated face plate is the control panel which can be used with the air quality monitor. The face plate will display the data generated by the sensor. It can be modified to accommodate users’ equipment. It can operate the equipments such as central air conditioning, fresh air equipment and air purification system to control the ventilator speed, valve automatically or manually.

Integrated Face Plate Function    

  1. The connectivity with the air quality monitor
  2. Type of gas
  3. Reading
  4. Measuring unit
  5. Alarm mode
  6. On/Off Button
  7. Setting Button
  8. Time Button
  9. Up Button
  10. Down Button
  11. Humidity
  12. Temperature
  13. Date/Time
  14. Key Lock Mode
  15. Setting Status
  16. Wireless 433 Status
  17. Data Exchange Status