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4 Symptoms of COVID‑19 Coronavirus Disease

The occurrence of COVID‑19 Coronavirus disease infection is also very similar to the symptoms of colds. Therefore, in life, many people have a cold and fever, and they are also suspected of being infected with COVID‑19 Coronavirus disease, which makes people panic. In fact, the symptoms of common cold and new type of pneumonia are still very different. Let's take a look at some related symptoms of COVID‑19 Coronavirus disease. I hope you can pay special attention to it. 1. Sudden fever: In daily life, if your body temperature suddenly rises within a certain period of time, and after taking antipyretics, your body temperature has remained high, you must pay special attention at this time, this may also be infected with a new type of coronary lung An important signal of the virus. 2. Difficulty breathing: In fact, in life, for some people with infectious disease pneumonia, not only the cold and fever, but also the phenomenon of difficulty breathing. 3. Severe dry cough: I believe many people know that for most people who are infected with thank you coronavirus, dry cough is also relatively obvious, and the saliva that is coughed out is also infectious when coughing normally. 4. Aggravated after 7 days: For some people with COVID‑19 Coronavirus disease, it is often after a week that more serious symptoms appear, such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, dry cough and fever. In summary: Therefore, in daily life, you must pay special attention to the above four points are also some characteristics of infectious pneumonia. If you find that you have two or more of the above, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time , This does not rule out the possibility of COVID‑19 Coronavirus disease.

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