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What symptoms are often linked to poor indoor air quality?

 What symptoms are often linked to poor indoor air quality?

Air quality is closely related to health. Poor air quality can cause many symptoms, and these symptoms should attract people's attention. So what are the symptoms, possibly caused by poor air quality?

  • When I get up early in the morning, I feel depressed, sick, etc .;
  • Family members are often prone to catch colds;
  • Although I do not smoke and rarely touch the smoking environment, I often feel uncomfortable throat, foreign body sensation, and poor breathing
  • Children at home often cough, sneeze, and have weakened immunity. Children in newly renovated houses do not want to go home;
  • Family members often have skin allergies and other problems, and are mass;
  • There is one disease in the family, and after leaving this environment, the symptoms will obviously change and improve;
  • Newly-married couples are not pregnant for a long time, and no reason can be found;
  • After newly moving or renovating, indoor plants are not easy to survive, the leaves are easy to yellow and wither, especially some of the most vital plants are also difficult to grow normally
  • After the new move, domestic pet cats, dogs and even tropical fish died inexplicably;
  • I feel a sore throat as soon as I get to work, dry my airway, get dizzy for a long time, and get tired easily. There will be no problem after work. And other staff in the same building also have this feeling;
  • Newly renovated homes and office rooms or newly-purchased homes have irritating odors such as dazzling and pungent odors, and the scent does not disperse for more than one year.


    So how to measure indoor air quality? You can choose professional air quality test equipment as a reference to measure CO2, PM2.5, particulate matter, TVOC, formaldehyde, etc. If you find that the indoor air quality is not good, you can open the window to ventilate, or use an air purifier.