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What is the best air quality monitor?

An indoor air quality monitor is a professional detection instrument for measuring indoor pollution. An excellent indoor air quality detector often has the following characteristics:


  • Measuring multiple indoor air quality pollution.


  • Targeted professional sensors are used for different pollutants, such as carbon dioxide using non-spectral infrared sensors, particulates using laser sensors, volatile organic compounds using semiconductor sensors, and formaldehyde using electrochemical sensors.


  • The detector undergoes strict aging, debugging, and calibration before leaving the factory, and undergoes a rigorous inspection process before leaving the factory.


  • Has a friendly and rich human-computer interaction interface.


  • Perfect sensitive alarm prompt function.


  • Large-capacity lithium battery.


  • Data storage function, convenient for historical data query and further data analysis.


  • With multi-directional gas collection channel.


  • Various sensors use professional sensors.


  • Ergonomic design, feel comfortable.


  • Multi-channel particle measurement can accurately measure PM0.3, pm1.0, pm2.5, pm5, pm10.