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BLATN BR-CON Ministry of environmental protection purification and online air monitoring project

Blatn BR-CON  purification and online air monitoring system

outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring system

The air monitoring supporting case of the ventilation system renovation project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The old office building is not equipped with a ventilation system. After an on-site investigation, an office is selected on each floor to be transformed into a new fan room.

Install the electrostatic purification section behind the new fan group, and cooperate with the fan coil return air purification to achieve indoor fresh air volume and air quality requirements. The air quality monitoring program installs an air duct type air quality monitor at the rear end of the purification section for each new fan group, outdoor The outdoor air quality monitoring equipment compares and monitors the purification efficiency of the purification section.

The indoor and outdoor measured particulate matter data is transmitted to the individual touch screen computer local display of each floor via wired RS485 network, and the current purification efficiency is displayed in real time.

The single-floor display system uses the TCP / IP method of the industrial control computer, connects the touch screen with the switch, and reads the data of all air duct sensors (20) through the touch screen. To the centralized display, the system reserves interfaces to connect to the Hailin energy-saving system.

The simple system diagram is as follows: