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BLATN BR-CON Baidu Park indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring project

Xi'erqi Baidu Park

Beijing Xi'erqi Baidu Park has a total of 5 buildings with 130 floors, and ventilation equipment has been installed in the building.

Party A requires the installation of a purification section at the rear of the fan of the ventilation equipment, and a circulating purifier in the ceiling in the building. The purifier adopts the Anhui Binken brand. Because the principle of the purifier is electrostatic dust removal, Party A requires the installation of professional air quality monitoring equipment indoors , Monitor the concentration of particles, carbon dioxide, ozone and other parameters in the building, and install outdoor air quality monitoring equipment outdoors.

The indoor and outdoor air quality data of this floor is displayed on the TV terminal of each floor, and at the same time, it is required to place a 50-inch advertising machine on the first floor lobby of each building to display the air quality in the 130 floor.

The project does not involve the control of air purification equipment. It is a separate air quality monitoring system. It is completed using the BLATN BR-CON air quality monitor and the BLATN air quality information publishing system.

The system can display the air quality in a specific area, and can also publish videos, Pictures, real-time messages, etc.