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BLATN BR-CON-A Control Coupler

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BR-CON-A Control Coupler

Product overview

Control coupler is the execution unit when paired with air quality monitor. It provides 5 control channels which can be used to turn the equipment on and off. The control coupler and air quality monitor can be connected by RS485 or wireless 433, air quality monitor will pass the data reading to the control coupler, the control coupler will control the action of the equipment as programmed. For example, control the ventilator speed; turn the air cleaner and heater on and off.

It can provide real time monitoring of the equipment and support manual, intelligent and timing mode which establish the intelligent and network operation of the fresh air system.

Equipment Parameter

 Control Point

Control point mode

 Dry connect(Main Connect)

Control point quantity

5 Channels

Single point capacity


Communication Protocol

RS485 or 433 Wireless




Power consummation


Exterior Dimension


Control Coupler Wiring Map