• BR-CON    Air Quality monitor

    BR-CON series of air quality monitors are industry grade precision instrument designed to monitor the indoor air quality. 

    It can be used to monitor and measure organic compounds such as PM2.5, PM 10, TVOC and CO2 level. It is suitable for various indoor environments such as office, class room, computer lab and bedroom. 

    The monitor can be programmed to work with fresh air equipment and transfer the data to server through RS485/WiFi protocols. 

    It is suitable for project monitoring, fresh air equipment control and smart home control.


    Product Name:  Ceiling Type Air Quality Monitor

    Model No. : BR-CON

    Overall Dimension:  DIA 170 * H 50 mm

    Net Weight:  380g

    Work Status Display:  3 indicator light combination display

    Power Supply:  8-30VDC / 110-230VAC   50/60HZ

    Power Consumption:  3W

    Wiring Standard:  Cross cut area <1.5mm2

    Comm Port:  8 post connector

    Communication Interface:

     2 way RS485, 
    RS485 used as the main MODBUS station to communicate with the integrated face plate; 

    1 way RS485 used as the MODBUS sub station for long range data transfer
    433Mhz wireless (only used for integrated face plate with control module) (Optional)

    Multiple measurement purposes:  PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, HCHO, CO, CO2, temperature, humidity.

    Power source:  110-240V/AC or 8-30V/DC/AC

    Support multiple communication protocols:  RS485/GPRS/RF433/WiFi

    Support MDBUS communication protocol and free-protocol

    BR-Con series products can be integrated with 86 box, support RS485, wireless 433 protocols. Simplified wiring.

    Can be customized to accommodate specific request. Such as monitor sulphur dioxide and oxygen level.

    Support mobile app, upper computer and web end remote control. Intelligent control by Internet





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