• BR-K          Intelligent  Internet  Air  Purification  Controller                                                                          

    BR-K series is an Internet enabled new generation intelligent fresh air controller.

    It can control air purification equipments, monitoring indoor air quality, measuring PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, temperature, humidity; control the air purification equipment base on the air quality data collected.

    The controller can transfer the air quality data to the server through RS485, Wi-Fi.

    User may use WeChat or webpage interface to monitor and control HVAC equipment, in order to establish project monitoring, HVAC equipment control and intelligent home automation.

    Product   Highlights

    2.1  Can monitor a wide variety of data,include PM2.5, PM10, TVO, CO2, temperature and humidity

    2.2  Power source 220VAC

    2.3  Support multiple communication protocol: RS485,WIFI

    2.4  Support communication protocol MODBUS2.5  BR-K series product can be connected to HVAC equipment easily

    2.5  Functions can be customized, such as monitoring SO2 or O2 level.

    2.6  Support mobile app, principal computer, web page interface monitoring and controlling.

    2.7  Can provide outdoor air quality information when connected to the Internet.

    2.8  Support OEM/ODM customization.

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